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February 12, 2007



The first time my little guy did that in the tub (he's now 22 months old) I JUMPED on the toilet training bandwagon! "Yes, that's your penis, that's where the pipi comes out".

I guess we just have to grin and bear it.


that's funny. it's so different for me. i have lived with my nephew since he was born, and i never interpreted any behavior as especially "male" or "female". i think it's helped me see things they explore as part of various stages or individual preferences according to personality, not as dependent on their gender. i think the more we assign something to a gender (lots of little baby girls,like my daughter, love gadgets and smashing just as much), the more likely we are to unconsciously reinforce those strict differences and send messages to our kids about what's ok and what's not. i try not to push any particular toys or activities but find my daughter gravitates to trains just as much as my nephew, and he loves her dolls and trying on her pretty dancing shoes. It seems to me more like normal toddler exploration than anything having to do with their gender.


At times, I also feel a little alienated from my two boys with their Hot Wheels, football, etc., but what can I do? Try to understand as much as possible and then get down on the floor and play with them. In the process, I've discovered that I have a pretty good arm for throwing a football. LOL!

surviving motherhood

in a post whose first few paragraphs are about a boy finding his penis for the first time, the line "A tiny pang of disappointment hit me as I first watched him pound away at the balls" cracked me up! Lol.

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