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February 06, 2007



Sept 11th happened when Lillianna was only 4 years old and for the most part,we tried to keep her in her playroom watching cartoons while Rich and I were glued to the tv. In the end,we explained what happened to her because she saw it anyway and wanted to know about the burning buildings.

Rich and I watch the news every morning and Lillianna rolls her eyes at us but sometimes she watches it and asks questions. Even if it's something bad or scary,we explain it to her. It gives us the opportunity to tell her our opinion on the subject.

We talked about the recent "hoax" in Boston which caused such an uproar. We talked about the little 4 year old who died from the overdose of ADD meds by her parents.

I can't say I know a lot about politics but we do discuss what's happening in the news because I think she needs to know what's going on in this world.

I think you are definitely doing the right thing keeping your kids in the loop about current events. How else will they learn?


I agree. While we don't watch the news (either we're eating or playing), I listen to NPR daily while we're driving around town. My 7-year old son pipes up with some pretty interesting questions. Also, he's always looking at a globe finding the places he heard about in the news. This kid will not be geographically illiterate. :) He takes after his mom. (As a young girl, instead of teen idol posters plastered all over my walls, I had National Geographic maps.)


We don't have the tv news on much around the kids - I think a lot of it is too violent and graphic and to be honest, sensationalist - esp if I don't have time to discuss it w/the kids. But, we do have newspapers and magazines and living in Washington, DC and both of us being Feds - we talk a lot about current events. My oldest son (7) esp has strong opinions about the President and the war and has written 3 letters respectfully disagreeing w/the Pres's policy.

What's interesting is - that one of his classmate's families is always surprised at how informed and vocal and opinionated #1 son is. They say they just don't talk politics around their kids - and are always surprised if he's in the car with them about what he can talk about. We live blocks away - but they work in the IT industry - wonder if that's part of it...

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