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February 19, 2007



You've got that right, girl. I have a 12 year old and a 16 year old and we're going through that Other Kind of Sleepless now. And yeah, it's better, and it's worse, and it's different. But I think overall it's better.


I wrote something very similar a couple of months ago. Once upon a time I used to joke those moms using the "1, 2, 3" method, but after reading "1-2-3 Magic" and implementing it at home - I now swear by it. It has all but stopped the kicking, hitting, etc.


My daughter has just started to really test me, and today my babysitter suggested it was because of her new baby cousin that lives with us. It does make sense that she'd see the competition and want to cling to me but also toy with me a bit. I'm trying hard to be consistent and discipline her, but I miss the good old days when bedtime and every little thing wasn't such a struggle. I still have faith, though, that if we do a good job through the preschool years, it'll make the next years after that much easier. Watch those nanny shows on TV and you'll probably feel better about doing the work now rather than later...


I agree that, as your child gets older, the opinion seems to be that there are not many problems. I have a six year old and feel like there is not much support for moms with kids this "old" It's like your kid is grown and on his way. But even six year olds have issues as equally stressful as teething and tantrums. I would say my boy has challenged me more in the last year than he did as a toddler (he never threw tantrums then!)


Sleepless nights.. amen, sister. Meanwhile, don't forget that tantrums at age 3 or so are abso horrid! And all that anger about the new baby just compounds it.


Did our parents doubt themselves as enthusiastically as we do? On bad days I can't find enough nasty things to say about my mothering skills. On better days I can give myself a bit of a break, and allow as maybe, perhaps I haven't ruined my kids completely, at least not yet. Who knows? But -- if we didn't doubt ourselves and our parenting skills, it'd be much more worrisome. At least we try to improve.

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