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February 14, 2007



For all you moms that are trying to make sense of raising boys, and do it well, check out a book called Preparing Him for the Other Woman by Sheri Rose Shepherd. This book has some invaluable advice.


Exactly! Sometimes I think we worry too much about what others think. Good post!


I almost wrote about this for my next post but changed it to something else. I guess this topic goes through every mom's mind.

As for me,I always joke that I'm the worst mom in the world. Yesterday we had a sleet storm and the wind was horrible. When I spoke to Rich around 11am he asked me to dismiss Lillianna early because the roads were slick and he didn't want me to battle the pick-up traffic.I hadn't realized the driving was so bad. Rich rarely speaks up about anything so when he does,I listen.

I took her out at 1pm and she was so grateful that I did. I also told her we were skipping dancing school because I didn't want to drive in the ice. At first she was sad. Then when we left school to walk to the car and she realized what the weather was like she said,"That's fine with me. I don't want to go out again today!!"

As we snuggled in our jammies she thanked me for dismissing her and told me I was the best mom in the world.I told her it was Rich's idea. She knows we are always looking out for her and trying to keep her safe.

Children know when you love them whether you're making a balanced meal or pouring them a bowl of Frosted Flakes for dinner.
A child who is loved feels safe and protected.

If there is someone who is out there keeping score,I pity them. They should be hugging their child.

Great post!


On good days, I feel like a good mom. The rest of the time, I find myself comparing me with the other moms I know (the ones who are crafty/volunteer more/playful/ etc. etc. etc.) and know I cannot measure up. But the bottom line is my relationship with own daughter. I may not be able to be all things to her, but at nearly 11, she still likes to have me around. And other people (parents, teachers, family) always tell me (unsolicited) what a wonderful kid she is. So I figure I must be doing something right. And so your conclusion - the mom who gives her children what they need - is probably the only criterion we should be using.

Jan Katz

I think everyone is just the best mom they know how to be- and that is good enough!


I think you've identified a Good Mom without using the actual words: it seems she recognizes and fills her kids' needs as they evolve. So, when my son is melting down and I massage his feet, or when my daughter is feeling unhappy and we make dinner together, I believe/hope I'm showing them that they can rely on me.


It's funny - I was just having this sort of internal discussion... My husband tells me often I'm a good mom - probably because he knows I need to hear it. But what makes it true. Was I a bad mom today when in my rush to get out the door to work I didn't give #2 son extra cuddles - but the kid did worm his way into my bed at 3am and I spent 3 hrs snuggled w/him at the foot of my bed and another hour sandwhiched b/t him and his dad. When was I a better Mom to #1 son - when I suggested we make sugar cookies or when I kept my cool when the mixing bowl w/sugar and butter went crashing to the floor? Does that make me a bad mom when I lose my cool? What about my poor third child - will the ten minutes I spent focused on her last night playing and giggle and marveling in how we could produce such a beautiful little girl - make up for all the times I take advantage of the fact that she can entertain herself?

I guess when #1 son tells me I'm the best Mom in teh world I believe it and when #2 is throwing is tempertantrum and tells me I'm the worst - I don't;)

Thanks for the great post


Ok Jenn, this was the sweetest valentine for all us moms. Thank you -- while I wipe away my little tears.

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