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March 05, 2007



I grew up as the oldest of 6 sisters and near the end of the line are two brothers. I have 4 daughters of my own and only one son. I consider myself a girly mom too--but just recently realized that maybe I would have enjoyed being a more-boy mom than I thought...
I took my girlfriend's teen-aged son to pick out a shirt at Old Navy. It took us exactly 6 minutes to pick out and buy a shirt and 2 pairs of pants for this boy. With my daughters, it takes 4 hours of combing every shop in town and then some, to bring home a tank top!


I have an almost-15 month old boy. I grew up in a family as the oldest of five kids, there was one boy and he wasn't a traditional boy.
I thought that I wanted a girl, but as my son and I had a yelling match (in good fun, there were tons of giggles) and then went on to make farting noises I realized that he is exactly what I am supposed to have. Besides, if I had a girl I'd end up filing for bankruptcy with the number of adorable clothes out there for girls. I'm kind of glad that the section that I shop in a third of the size of the other section, particularly when I have a little boy in tow and need to move quickly to keep him content.


I've been really surprised by the whole boy/girl thing. I have one of each and what surprises me most (I also came from an all girl + dad family) is how alike my 2 kids are. They both like nail polish, they both have used swords, they both slide down the stairs on whatever they can find, they both get in the mud, and they both talk more than any child should. My daughter is now 11 and she's not a girly girl, and my boy is 6 and a ton of fun.


I love, love, love being a mother to my two boys. It's funny, but I think God knew what he was doing when he blessed me with the boys and my sister with three girls. When I go to their house I feel absolutely out of my element - so much PINK! Also there are horses which have better hair than I do, little bitty dolls with accessories out the wazoo, hair bows in every color imaginable, flowers on the wall... well, you get the idea. It just blows my mind. My sister loves it! LOL!


Thanks for noticing that there is in fact a great big difference in the energy required to deal with boys. I have friends and family that are blessed with only girls and they don't seem to understand what the hell I'm always bitching about. Feels good to be recognized as a Mom of Boys Superhero. Thankyou! Visit me sometime as I am often just conscious enough to post a rant or two on this parenting thing..www.madmarriage.com


Gosh, you have girls who don't climb on things, slide on things, jump on things? My 28mo old is a girly girl with a boy's energy level. She's spent a good portion of today climbing all over and body-slamming me while I try to protect my 6mo pregnant belly. Meanwhile daughter #2 inside of me has been asserting her territorial rights by kicking my innards to bits. Most of the boys in our playgroup are quieter and more low key than my Tiny Tornado. Who knows maybe things will change as she gets older?

Randi Mazzella

I was also the mother of girls - two girls to be exact and could not imagine myself with a son. When I was pregnant with my third child everyone thought we were "trying for that boy". But the truth is I was hoping for another girl - I just couldn't see myself with a son. I was more than shocked when I found out that number three was a boy - I was scared! In my mind boys were wild and crazy and I was good at girl stuff. I wouldn't know what to do with a son. But with my little guy leading the way I've learned all about trucks and have memorized every train's name on the Island of Sodor. I race cars and roar with the dinosaurs(but we still have no toy guns in our house). My son is chaos but he is a dirt loving delight! It's another world but boy o boy is turns out to be a fun one!


All I ever wanted was a girl because I didn't know the first thing about boys, having grown up with two sisters. When I found out my first child was going to be a boy I was disappointed for two days, until I realized that not only would I be starting from a clean slate with no preconceptions or expectations, but eventually I'd have someone in the house to program the VCR and do heavy lifting.




You know, I wouldn't mind if they left the seat up, so long as all the pee went INTO the toilet. :)


You know Amanda - if you had a boy - you'd learn that you too can be a boy mom. When I was pg w/#1 - I really wanted a girl. I've always had a tough time relating to boys and well - I just did. Instead I got this little boy and once he outgrew acid reflux and turned into a happy kid - oh my gosh - he's so much fun. Then w/#2 I knew I wanted another boy and I got him. When I was surprised w/a third - I wasn't sure what I'd wish for if I could and I got a girl - and oh - I'm so happy about it. But - she's a boy-girl who plays with dolls and runs with her brothers - the best of both worlds.

You're right tho - the noise, the chaos, the guns (no they're not allowed in the house - but they create them out of anything) - is absolutely exhausting and it can make my head explode. But, I also laugh more and have more fun than I ever imagined.

I do hope my girl isn't too much of a girl/boy and will someday get pedicures and go shopping with me - but in the meantime - I'm having fun playing baseball in the backyard.

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