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March 29, 2007


Chelsea Leis

Women are strong. There's this scene from a movie wherein a father's talking to his son about his mother's pregnancy. The father made his son carry a bucket of water and told him that his mother carries that weight all the time before he was born. It's true that men are physically strong, but you can't count out women who carry a life inside them for nine months.


I am also irate over the fact that all of a sudden I am having horrible PMS mood swings- any every 28 days on top of it. Before baby, my periods were easily 45 days apart and I never ever experienced PMS. I also think its affected my sex drive, but hard to tell with all the sleep deprivation and crankiness. Maybe I'm just less attractive, so have fewer opportunities?
It makes me wonder how long I would have put off having a child if I knew that this would be part of the package.


What your mother said about allergies is so true. I never had them before I had my son. It's funny the kinds of changes pregnancy and childbirth bring.

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