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March 26, 2007



Very good post! My parents who are in their early 70s stay heavily involved in their church. It really seems to help them focus on others and not so much on their "aches and pains."

amy h.

This was a great topic and excellent example. My grandparents are still very active - when I called them the other day my 80 year old grandfather was just planting some trees (!) on their property and my grandmother, also 80, was on her way to garden club. All good stuff to remember!!! Thanks!


Yes, it's so important that they don't "retire" from life. Thank god my parents have golf or there would be no reason for them to continue. I do wish they'd volunteer their time to something or someone worthwhile but that seems to be growing less and less probable as they book their days with golf clinics and golf foursomes and lunch with golf buddies in between. I don't think they even follow national news anymore. Yikes. I can only promise myself to do it differently.

Antique Mommy

A resounding AMEN! to that advice Donna. My parents are about the same age and are involved delivering meals to shut ins and even work out at a health club for seniors. They both retired early and I'm convinced activity has helped keep them young.

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