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March 28, 2007



Thank you thank you for this post! I have a three week old and a 2 1/2 year old and I was starting to resign myself to a life of reclusive hiding. There's always Dora and Caillou to keep us company. But now I'm thinking sometime this spring, we actually might be able to do this and rejoin the social world out there. Or at least go the grocery store.

Clever Parents

I feel your pain. When you add another baby to the mix, you take a step or seven towards being less in control ... add sleep deprivation on top of that and some days feel like it's just easier to stay in your own little world. The days and outings will get easier and Lilith will surprise you with her ability to adapt. Best wishes to you... and hold your head high. :-) Kris


Eight years ago I was you (stitches and mastitis to boot.) The outings may not always be a success, but you'll be surprised at how many smiling and understanding faces there are out there. And for those who glare at you and your sometimes uncontrolled kids, you can be sure they haven't experienced the joys of parenting! Go for it and good luck!

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