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April 06, 2007


Andi Diehn

About five months ago I discovered the magic of drawstring. I can't believe it took me almost 32 years to choose comfort over the variable opinion of others, but I'm not looking back. Forgiveness pants rule the closet now. Must find some in fleece...


I just love this post.

I was thinking of the same kind of thing just yesterday morning.
Rich got a new job so he leaves the house at 6:30am now instead of 9am so driving Lillianna to school every day is my new job. No taking turns with Rich anymore.

Lillianna had 3 girls sleep over last night since there is no school today so I had some party supply shopping to do.

No time to shower before shopping!!! (This really shocks me because I used to shower,get dressed,put on my make-up and go to the dermatologist in my teens and early twenties only to have to wash all my make-up OFF so the doctor could see my skin!!
Then I reapplied it after the appt!!)

Nope...not when I'm in "mom mode"! I focus on the task at hand and if I bump into someone and I look like I just escaped from the local mental health institution...so be it!

Yesterday I dropped Lillianna off at school and drove to the supermarket in the outfit I wore the day before. I was unshowered and my hair was a mess but since it was windy,I let people think that was the cause of my look! I brushed my teeth so I figured I was ok.

I go for comfort on most days. I don't have any hotness to keep up with. You're lucky. At least you do have hot days. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that for myself!!

Anyway,I'm rambling!
Just wanted to say I loved this post!

Antique Mommy

Your mother and Wordsworth had it so right -- the world is too much with us indeed. I think we all need to be wearing forgiveness pants, if for no other reason to remind ourselves that we need to be a little more free with it for ourselves and others.

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