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June 20, 2007


PCPop with Pablo

great story. made me laugh about my own experiences and those of my kids. spot on! thanks...keep em comin'!


I loved reading this story. I'm a mom myself now, but this story totally took me back to kindergarten when I lost my socks.
Great story.


Oh Kim,

He is really he sweet, innocent, funny, earnest-yet-adorably-scattered boy. Well this is really wonderful post...well it's title of this post will make everyone read "The pants say it all" thanks for sharing..

Self Help Zone

P.S. I commented here before but seems like it didn't get your approval, hope this time it will. thank you.


This post was great for me to read as I begin my stressful day! I'm visualizing the "I could'a had a V-8 moment!"

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