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August 07, 2007



Hello Amy!

Beautiful post, reminded my childhood memories and thoughts. Well I never thought of doing something which I am doing today. Life was/is not the easy for me but we have to keep going and be happy with what we have got or going to get, then only we can live happy.

I hope you are going to have a wonderful time...enjoy it, feel it, and add them in your beautiful life.


Account Deleted

You know, that is interesting to me because I know of people like you who lay out plans for their lives and then set a course and more or less get there. I seem to be a river on a current going here and there and living out many different lives. I certainly would have never predicted being windowed at 34, remarring at 38 and then having my first baby in my mid-40s. Or blogging about it! I guess for me life is more of an uncertain adventure than a well thought out plan. One thing for sure, there are no HS reunions for me in my future.

Good post Amy!

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