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October 04, 2007


Lill Hawkins

I blogged about the safe toy issue yesterday at http://hawkhillacres.blogspot.com and my 10 yr old daughter and I started a list of toy companies we trust on another blog. She was worried about what to ask for this December. This is affecting kids also, at least the ones old enough to understand that their favorite toys aren't safe. We, as consumers, can do better than this for our kids and the manufacturers can do much better. Whether they want to acknowledge it or not, they're accountable for what they sell, no matter who makes it.
Shine On,

board games

There's still a lot of toys left in this world...?? they are not extincted yet...LOL


Looks like a couple of moms partnered together with Sun Country airlines to make in flight activity books for kids. Sounds like an interesting book series.

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