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November 07, 2007


bed rails

There's nothing wrong with that! As long as they are happy and sleep through the night, everyone is happy. :)

airbed comfort

Sounds like an interesting way to do the whole bed thing, even if it wasn't entirely intentional. We upgraded our daughter to a toddler bed right away, and it was a pretty rough time for a little while to get her to sleep.

Staci Schoff

You think that's bad -- my kids went from my bed half time and portable crib half time to a futon on the floor at about 12 months. Until my mother (horrified by my neglectfulness) bought them bedroom furniture.

midlife mommy

Not shocked at all.

My daughter is still sleeping with us, though she will sometimes sleep in her crib (which still has the rails on it, even though she's 3, because we've never gotten around to converting it to a toddler bed).

When we first moved her into the regular bed with us because she wouldn't sleep alone, I thought I would be a good mommy and get one of those attachable co-sleepers. She never liked it as an infant, but we left it there (instead of a rail) to keep her from rolling out of the bed (she doesn't sleep between us; if she slept next to my husband, he wouldn't be able to sleep at all!). The co-sleeper is still attached, and my daughter loves to leave my side during the night and curl up into it.

Someday, she might actually have her own room, if I ever get around to vacating it (it's the messy place that I use for an office).

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