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December 13, 2007


vibram five fingers

Pregnancy tipovers, Kids' vaccine recall, and more

jose gonzales

Cheap scrubs
• Are you forever spilling a super secret formula on your lab coat?
• Are you tired of crack babies puking on your colorful print top in the maternity ward?
• Maybe you want a new print pattern to wear on those dreary and drably days at the veterinarian’s office?
• Need a new medical jacket to replace your 6 year old jacket that’s hanging on the back door in your office?
• Do you want to look stylish in your trim top and pant while walking down the halls turning the heads of those doctors with the fancy beemers and Rolex watches?
• Are you on a tight budget since your employer is squeezing as much money as they can out of your service and not on your clothes?
• Could it be possible you are a wealthy patron who would like to purchase a 100 scrubs for the non-profit clinic you found in Guatemala?
• I know, you must be a cosmetologist who is forever getting nail polish remover on your protective garments at the salon?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, you must be working in a sterile environment in some sort of medical profession, either a lab, a doctor’s office, a veterinary, or a hospital or someplace similar.

At the behest of http://www.CheapScrubSet.com or http://www.medicalscrubset.com or http://www.qualityscrubset.com at Review Me, this sponsored post is brought to you by TheLocoMono. TheLocoMono Website is in no way affiliated with medical Scrub Sets.

Every now and then, your http://www.medicalscrubset.com need to be replaced for one reason or the other. You always want to give off your best impression to your customers, whether they be monkeys at the lab, venture capitalists touring your lab, concerned relatives awaiting news in your office, or even Paris Hilton, should she happen to walk into your salon in a need of a quick pedicure.

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