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December 31, 2007



This is a great site for playing Pokemon games. If you love Pokemon, you'll like this site, http://www.juegospokemon.es

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Once the GameCube broke, we had all the reason we needed to get a Wii.

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The nintendo wii is the best gaming device ever made, I guess wii can all have a great game! LoL!

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In my humble opinion is the best console out there, the others simply follow the way when Nintendo has innovated in the market with games like Mario Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong has always topped the list of the games number one, my respect for Nintendo.

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What were the greatest challenges to freedom our ancestors faced, and overcame?
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The ESRB provides ratings of game content so that you can determine if
these indeed are appropriate for your kids. Here are the ratings for
the games you mentioned and the themes found in the material that
maybe of concern to parents.

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How do i hook up my play station portable to the internet, do i have to buy a wi-fi adapter?
I have the internet, but i have no idea how to sync my portable play station to my laptop?


I enjoy playing the Nintendo Wii. I also do my yoga exercises every day with the Wii Fit Plus.

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Wii fit has brought my family together so much, reminds me of the old Atari days :)

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My entire family enjoys playing the Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit games too!

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I have wii too. My whole family loves it a lot. Good job nintendo!


What an excellent post!! I love games too!
We have the WII as well, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I got it for Mother's Day last year (paid extra on Craig'sList to get it). My husband has the black dslite and I used to have the pink one. My 4 year old son has taken it over. Now I think I'm going to get one for myself for Christmas since the one my son has is...slimy.
We have the Super Nintendo, the Playstation, the Gamecube, and the newest installation--xbox 360. We used to have the xbox years ago, but we sold it one month to help pay rent!

I love games-your post made me happy. Not very many women I know are as "in to" the games that I am! Do you have the carnival games for wii? That is fun too!

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