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January 07, 2008




I'm Mike from Center'd. As your readers begin planning for the holidays, I thought I'd reach out and share a resource that they might find useful. Center'd has teamed up with Real Simple to create a Thanksgiving planning center with tips, recipes and ready-made plans to help make this turkey day a success.

You can view the site here: http://www.centerd.com//plans/static/2008/thanksgiving/main/

You would find more pages on thanksgiving like Potluck Dinner, Recipes and 40 Ways to Simplify Thanksgiving.

We'd love to hear what you think about Center'd and a mention in your blog would be appreciated if you feel our site would bring value to your readers.

Thanks and Regards

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Holly Collins

Hi Julie,
I am new to your blog, and I like it very much--I wish you well with your health and future. I am a mother of two autistic kids and have a new blog dedicated to autism--helpful info. and support.



Best of luck with the surgery and recovery. We'll all be thinking of you!

Julie Garrett

I just joined DotMoms this summer (thanks thanks thanks) and it's been a wonderful place to write and read about motherhood.

I hope it can live on and I wish you all the best!

Julie Kirtz Garrett



I remember when this whole thing started...I was a scared pregnant mom and I grew with this site...through the birth of my daughter...through the end of my marriage...through my trials of being a single parent to the death of my father. DotMoms meant a lot to me...it was the first time that I got to write something that someone actually read and seemed to care about.

Thinking of you Julie and thinking of the future of DotMom's...whatever you decide :)

Amy Richard

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