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November 16, 2003


Marcia Lynx Qualey

When my husband and I first met, it was in a job interview. Fortunately, I hired him, although I came to think of him as my most annoying employee. He was always telling stupid jokes in staff meetings, being a know-it-all over e-mail and a crusty old man to the sales force. Usually, when I tell our story, I make it simple, "The Lady Doth Protest (someone's bad jokes) Too Much." But in truth, I really didn't like him. And then, those things I didn't like--his humor, his sloppiness, his inflexible morality--are now the things I love the most. Our marriage certainly has its rocky parts, as we're very different people. But it's also a hell of a lot more interesting than if I'd married someone more like me.



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