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December 24, 2003



Hey! I did turn into Mrs Klaus and you know... i got the A$$ to go with it!!! I *shall not* eat my own Christmas baking again next year!!!

fran manushkin

At the age of 61, it finally hit me on Xmas Eve that this holiday is designed (not purposely) to make everyone miserable. It cannot but play to our deepest yearnings and fears, past, present and future. No matter how fortunate we are (and I count myself VERY fortunate). the expectations are way beyond what reality can offer. I think it should be outlawed and a gratitude holiday installed in its stead. Thanksgiving has always appealed to me more because it doesn't come with all the crazy strings attached (just family, which is crazy enough). Can't we just declare a great season of thankfulness from Thanksgiving through Xmas, which would include our thanks for Jesus (if we believe) and in everything else good.

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