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December 05, 2003



Sex? You mean, like, with my husband? Oh, dear.


1. Bedtime is not sex time. I'm in bed to sleep.
2. Dont' touch my boobs and expect me to be like, "Oooh baby...let's do it."
3. Lights off
4. If I'm in the mood...he's ready anytime, anyplace.

God..it sounds like I'm some frigid wench..but I promise I'm not :)


You mean I'm supposed to be having sex? I'm at 36 weeks and my libido is so low I'm wondering who this person is. My current mantra is 4 more weeks and maybe I'll start to remember what it was like to want to have sex even if I can't do it quite yet.


Right now, I'm on "restriction," by doctor's orders. Seems to be the norm when I'm pregnant. There is a slight separation in the gestation sac and the uterine wall and I have placenta previa, so nothing for me. Poot.

Afterwards ---- who knows, maybe there will be no rules [other than, no more babies!]. :)


Lights on.

Quickies must be verbally agreed upon in advance.

If I'm sleeping, get off me,

I promise to let him know when I'm feeling amorous -- it's so seldom lately.

Until the hormonal post-partum mess inside my body and mind clears up -- it's all about me.

After that, he gets to set some rules...oh dear.

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