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December 10, 2003



I agree that TV can be part of this nutritious breakfast -- that is, part of a life full of lots of other things.

I was strictly deprived of television as a child. I now watch what feels like huge amounts to me (although still well below the national average, which is scary). I find a working knowledge of pop culture is a useful thing.

Bob Andelman

Julie -- I'm with you on the TV thing. If all the kid ever does is watch TV, that's one thing. But as long as it's balanced with physical and mentally stimulating activities, I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, as long as we monitor and steer Rachel's viewing, I think it introduces her to a new world every day. -- Bob


As a child who was exposed to hardly any television, and who suffered through games of TV tag in the early elementary grades and the fifth grade jepoardy tournament, I can say that you are indeed protecting your child from feeling like an outsider with respect to TV-related knowledge.


Hey, don't beat yourself up too much. Sure we can limit it, just remember that millions of us grew up with lots of TV and are perfectly normal. You just have to start worrying if they start growing a tail. :P

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