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January 26, 2004



i remember it like yesturday. i was to meet a guy that i was talking to on msn. on a thursday before i had to go to work. when we meet i felt my heart jump out of my chest. we sat down and i was soo scared. he made the first move of course. he took my hand and lightly pulled me too him. we kissed for the first time in front of my best friend and his best friend. i still love him to this day.


I remember my first kiss. I was in the ninth grade and I went to a State (Florida)choral/band performance. I was in the choral group. I met a boy in the band who said he liked me. After a rehersal he walked me to my hotel room with my roommates. When my roommates went into the room he pulled me aside and there, in the hall, I received my first kiss. I thought I was going to faint. My roommates knew immediately what happened by the look on my face! I never saw him again, but I will always remember my first kiss. That was 36 years ago..........

Gina B

Oh yes, I was 14 and he was trouble, and his name was Mike. He surprise-kissed me on a crowded street one afternoon, and I looked up to see my mother's best Christian friend standing right in front of us! LOL, what fun remembering...


My now husband was my first kiss when I was 16. We "frenched" in the laundry room of his mother's house while I was handing him tools to work on his truck. *giggle and grin* remembering.


i was painfully shy, but from somewhere i don't know where, i got the guts to lean over and give jeff scott a kiss on his cheek. we were 5 years old. he always denied it ever happened.


I kissed a boy named "Bubu" on a stack of hay that for some reason was in his Uncle's garage. Ah, the joy of selective memory. I remember it being the most perfect kiss ever! I'm sure it was really slobbery and gross but all I remember is being in love. I truly thought I would marry "Bubu."


Yes I do...9 years old...spin the bottle...afraid I was going to get pregnant after...had no clue about the birds and the bees, obviously!


Yup and it involved the game Spin the Bottle too! :)


God yes...his name was Robert,we were six,and we snuck behind the church to kiss.lol

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