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February 27, 2004



I have 21 rejection slips for my first novel. I am still refining it, and will keep trying! Hang in there, Gary!


I've had lots of books published and lots rejected. One Halloween I went to a writers' party dressed as a rejected author: I wore all my rejection slips on my dress AND, at the same time, I carried a copy of that very published book. All the writers loved it. Last week I sold a book at auction and brooded because only two publishers bid on it. Silly me: this is proof of what you're all saying; no praise is enough.


Thank you for all of the well wishes. Neither pain, nor praise has much effect, I write because I have to. Yours electronically, Gary


Oh man, this means I get to pull out my favorite quote of all time!

Whatever you can do, or believe you can, begin it;
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

Looks like Gary is already following Goethe's advice.

But seriously: Rejections slips are rad. They're like the ultimate tangible evidence that you are attempting something real in the world. Way to go, Gary!


Hope he gets published soon!

The Sarcastic Journalist

Unfortunately, I have my fair share of them. Don't let them get him down, and please, don't keep them around to remind himelf of just how rejected he is.

He'll get there, eventually!


Awww...husband has the right spirit!


Jay Allen

Ah feel his pain. I just received my first qgent rejection last week. It contained nice handwritten praise at the end, but the takeaway was still "We don't want to represent you." I've dusted myself off, resumed work on the second chapter, and am making plans to revise my proposal. What else *can* you do? If you love to writ, you take the lumps and move on.

Eve P.

My dad, a retired English professor, has an agent and a book proposal--his first attempt at popular writing. So far he's been rejected eight times. He, too, has been philosophical about it: "I used to only get rejected by obscure academic journals, but now I'm getting by the big shots." He's also working on putting together another proposal. Hang in there Gary!

Eve P>

Angela Giles Klocke

Nice reminder. And you're right..."I have yet to meet a writer who finds the praise (however much she receives) equal to the pain." Sigh...

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