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March 31, 2004



Yikes. Hard situations. I have no idea for #1 and I'm not a parent. But I'd say maybe try to find out what kind of mom the kid's mom is. Otherwise I would just try to tell her so that the boys can see that they need to change their behavior from both fronts. But I'm not sure.

For #2. You mention that you want her to know your differences so I would think it would be best to say tactfully I don't feel I can support your cause because of my own beliefs. Try to make her understand that it's not her but the cause that is the problem.

Hope that helps although I have very little wisdom to share ;)


When we were doing our fundraising for the diabetes walk last year, some folks told me simply that their charity allocations had gone elsewhere. I appreciated their honesty-no one can support all causes, no matter how worthy they are individually.


Colter is only 7 right? That's only 6 months older than Lillianna. I think I would have a heart attack if she said she kissed a boy at this age. (She would be the only Jewish nun in the convent!) I would sit down with the boy's mom and explain the situation since you don't think she has a clue as to what is going on. The boys should be able to get along with one another even if they aren't buddies. Maybe together, the adults can come up with a peaceful solution.

On problem #2....someone is always looking for sponsors for something. No matter what the cause is, you are under NO OBLIGATION to give money to anyone! Maybe you don't like the cause they are collecting for or you just don't have the money to sponsor everyone who asks. It sounds like you need to make a point to this person.("I don't like what you are supporting so because of that I refuse to give you any money.") Is that the case?
If not then just say "No" and be done with it. Even if your company is matching donations, so what? Is your job in jeopardy if you don't fork over money every time someone asks?

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