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March 27, 2004



Okay, Scooby-Doo was pretty good for a cartoon that came to life on the big screen, But Shaggy doing a whip-it with the whipped cream was a little hard to explain to a six year old.


I saw Scooby Doo 2 of course! The last grown up movie I saw was In America which was really good. My son's best friend has the coolest mom who has become one of my closest friends. She and I try to catch a movies every couple of months.

Valarie Marie

Return of the King and before that The Passion of the Christ. Glad you enjoyed the movie. I like freaking my daughter out by telling her that I watched Scooby Doo when I was her age.


Hmmmm ... that would have to be Peter Pan, which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially after being utterly dissappointed with the Cat and the Hat. We rented the first Scooby Doo movie this weekend - in fact it's on right now for the fifth time. I was hoping it would prime the kids for a family night at the movies to see Scooby Doo II, but they've decided to wait until it comes out on DVD. My 5 year old thinks it would be too scary on a big screen for her.


Return of the King, and before that The Matrix Revolutions, which I hated. There's nothing more annoying than getting the sitter all lined up, working your tail off to go out, and then the movie sucks. It's still worth getting out of the house, though.


I just blogged about that today! I really can't remember- Maybe "Changing Lanes" with Ben Affleck?


The Triplettes of Belleville--a truly original wacky, not for kids. I can't wait to own it on DVD.


'Along Came Polly'. it's a good funny film.


Return of the King. But the one I saw before that was The Hours. Don't get out much, do I?


I am glad that was a good movie since Rich took Lillianna to see it today. We are huge Scooby Doo fans. Although I am stuck at work all day and night I am sure if this is truly a great movie we will own it as soon as it's out on video!!


I saw The Last Samurai ;)


Well, I went to see Dawn of the Dead on a date with Dh, but I think what I really saw was teenagers out of control... And I don't mean the movie.

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