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March 22, 2004


Valarie Marie

Couldn't have said it better!

Gary Moos

Love is a gift.

This is true. And our son is learning firsthand that in the world of eight- and nine year-olds some people are Indian givers.

This morning, my son and I arrived home after some errands just in time to see his best girl friend (intentionally two words) walking up the
stairs with an older boy.

Wrapped in his cocoon of naiveté, my son asked if he could play with

As she opened the door to walk into her house, she responded "Maybe we can play outside," then she vanished. Less than ten minutes later,
Colter was running outside to play with a male friend.

The time that it takes for him to realize that someone is lying is getting shorter and shorter. I hate to see Colter's cocoon torn open, for it can be merciless outside.

It just dawned on me that truth is not just the first casualty of war, but also of a relationship gone bad. Colter is quickly learning this lesson.

To all of you, men and women, who would deceive in order to spare
someone's feelings: DON'T. I know from experience the pain of a lingering dismissal. A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man only
one. But in this case, the coward slays the innocent a thousand times,
the brave person only once.

I look outside on our "tween" who my wife writes about so often. He is
playing "Transformers" with a friend, and I am assured that he still
has a little corner of his cocoon intact. For now at least, he can still
manage to be just a little boy.


So well said ...especially on a Monday morning :)


very well said!


It's ironic you should say this. Last night I had an intense conversation with a friend. She's hurting right now because of this very thing. It's disheartening when you do all you know to do to try to *make* people approve of you, yet they never do. I have learned to release my love, never expecting anything in return. After all, what good is love if it's conditional? :)

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