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March 02, 2004



I started reading the weblogs of law students and lawyers last fall, looking for support in my preparations to attend law school. I discovered blogs by parents and others as a result, and the blogs I read fall into those two categories. (There are very few mothers who are law students who have blogs. At least so far. Actually, I might be the only one. And since I'm not technically a law student yet, I don't really count.) I read blogs because I am fascinated at the way they allow me to get a glimpse into someone's daily life and because there are some incredible writers out there. I am entertained and amazed by all of you every day, and I feel like I learn something about the world through the words of others. I decided that I wanted to be a part of that so I started my own blog. I have discovered that I am a much more dedicated reader than writer, however, so my poor blog isn't kept up nearly as well or as frequently as it would be if I stopped reading all my favorite blogs each day.


I started reading (and keeping one myself) back in ’99 when most online essay writers called them journals, not blogs. Two good friends kept them and I became intrigued. I love how you can learn what goes on inside someone else’s head, how they see the world and how their often-different life is congruous with your own. It’s made me feel among a community and I love that.

These days I read some of the journals I started with, plus a host of blogs. Writers and readers, weight loss blogs, pop culture, a few political ones, but mostly parenting. It’s not intentional, but I think I feel more commonality with other parents. They tend to be closer to me in age and experience, the thoughtful ones are often writers or aspiring writers, and I often come away with something to think about. I like all that. Plus, I can relate to the poop and school and barf and toys and food and life issues.

As for writing my own, I too started as a way to get that instant gratification. As an aspiring screenwriter, I felt like I was writing solely for the jaded gatekeeper readers and life was bleak and lonely. I have loved writing for responsive readers. I’ve also learned so much about myself, met people who became friends, switched from screenwriting to fiction because the journal helped me rediscover my voice, and ended up keeping an account of my son’s successful journey through autism that has given other parents hope – something I never could have imagined but is the deepest satisfaction. My main blog is in a lower key these days but I still enjoy it tremendously.

Tiny Coconut

Hmmm. I read blogs of parents, mostly, because I generally find what they have to say much more compelling than most other topics. But there are some blogs I read that aren't by parent; blogs where the person just has a unique world view, a wonderful sense of humor, or a story that grips you by the throat and won't let you go.

It was reading blogs that got me writing one; I was jealous of what seemed like this connection with the readers. Now that I have my own blog, I don't feel the connection I thought I would. But I love it for other reasons; it's therapy for me now. And it's one of the only places and times i get to write these days where the writing isn't about pressure or deadlines or topics chosen by someone else.


I started blogging as a way to keep in touch with out of town family and friends. I like to think that the people I love can drop by my site and see what is going on in my life.

A bonus that I hadn't counted on has been the blogging community.


I've always loved reading, and hated writing. I've also always wanted a baby. After I'd been married a while and we started discussing having a baby I began browsing the web for pregnancy stories, and then discovered parenthood journals. I've always been extremely sentimental, and love hearing stories from my parents and grandparents childhood...and thought it would be wonderful to chronicle my pregnancy and my child’s life. My mother-in-law gave me a leather journal last year, and I quit feeling so pressured to write every day. I wrote as things occurred to me, the things that maybe one day I'd want to remember to tell our children. After half a year of journaling by hand my husband (a complete computer fiend) started suggesting a weblog. I loved the idea of being able to search my journal; that was about the only drawback with the handwritten one. I've been online since the beginning of this year, and I don't think I'll ever go back. I try to keep my journal about me and my family; but I'm continually impressed by those bloggers who are such great writers. I'll probably never have anything worthy of being published, but I enjoy knowing that the stories are written down.

I do prefer reading parenting blogs...it's the subject I'm most interested in...I can't wait to be one myself! But I don't limit myself...there's such a great big world of blogs out there.


I started blogging because of my knitting. It was a great way to share my craft. There are quite a lot of knitters out there who blog and it is only now about 18 months later that I am beginning to branch out into reading blogs on other subjects. Since being a mom is the most important thing in my life it's not surprising that it is the subject I am reading the most non-knitting blogs about.


Blogging is addictive. In other aspects of my life (motherhood, writing, filmmaking) so much of it is hard, frustrating, and unappreciated. I love the immediate gratification one gets from blogging. You write something, hit post and it is immediately out there for the world to see. You don't have to spend time trying to convince people they "should read your brilliant writing" or should give you a chance. You put it out there and let whomever needs it -- find it. It's a lot like putting a message in a bottle, only the feedback is more concrete and immediate. And writers need feeback in order to write. We need love and attention. So for me blogging is an exercise in writing, something that keeps my mind focused. It also has helped me hone my "distinct voice." And I love reading other blogs (especially mom-related or current event blogs) because they keep me "honest" in my own writing. I've learned that people respond best, when I am most honest, open, and not self-conscious.

Angela Giles Klocke

I didn't know about Blogging until mid-2003, about. So I wasn't Blogging or reading them. Once you get into the world of Blogging, that is when it seems like they are everywhere. But if you're not involved, you just don't know, so I guess that's why the numbers would look small to us.

I Blog because I like to have an audience. It satisfies my instant gratification needs. I get feedback that urges me on to write more. I enjoy Blogs that observe life in a more positive light, not those that are constant downers. I can get that from the news.


I underscore each of the previous comments--but the biggest reason was to keep a journal because I don't scrapbook or make photo albums. I needed SOMETHING to hand to my children. I also wanted to write our story, specifically Dylan's, so that I would not forget what that time was like. It just sort of mushroomed from there, and led to more ideas and a renewed passion for writing. I am also hyperaware of the fact that keeping a blog is the only way my stupid book will get written!


I started my blog because I have always enjoyed writing, and this is a way to get some feedback. I love to joke around, vent a little, and go on and on about the little day to day things.

I enjoy any blog with a sense of humor, but find myself relating to those by parents more!


Ditto to the last eight comments! ... but also because it's just plain fun!


I started blogging as a way to keep from going nuts alone with baby all day. It's almost like a meditation -- 15 minutes alone to get my thoughts in order. I like the public aspect of blogging because I perform best to a crowd. If this were all in a journal that only I could read, I'd never do it. I started reading other mom-blogs just out of curiosity at first, and I've been really amazed at what's out there. I have to pace myself though, because you could literally spend all day reading blogs!


I like top read webogs because I like to learn about other people's lives. I like reading parent weblogs because I really like kids and I can't wait to have them, Of course that will be a long while down the road but just reading about kids and the adventures parents have with them fills my kid need. ;)


I started writing on my blog because I don't write in a journal like I should. This was a more enjoyable way to keep up the habit without feeling guilty if I missed a day. I read blogs by moms almost exclusively. I find solace in those blogs because I am reading the lives of women who have had different experiences than me, living in different parts of the world and we all have different things we're dealing with but we're all moms. It makes me feel better to hear about how another mother is dealing with the very same thing I am or at least something I just went through so I can suggest what I did in that instance. It's the sharing and camaraderie that I appreciate in my blog and my blog reading. I especially appreciate your blog so please keep writing.


Most of the blogs I read tend to be observations of daily life. Some are written by parents, some not, but all tend to find humor (and sometimes tragedy) in the mundane things making up a large part of our days. I started a blog both as a way to learn more about web publishing, as well as for a place to vent, laugh, brag, whathaveyou. I also notice that most of the blogs I read have a heavy dose of humor, and don't take themselves to seriously. I think that's because I have to deal with my serious side much too often, and I need the outlet humor provides.


I started reading blogs for the humor that one must have in parenting.I started keeping my own to sharpen my writing skills.Most of my bookmarks are written by parents.I tend to stay away from the whining ones...I hear enough of that in real life!lol.And like Kelly,I just moved and my internet friends moved with me!I love that!


I read blogs mostly written by other Mothers that leave me feeling inspired, educated, moved or laughing my ass off. They've become as comfortable as opening a favorite book or tuning into a favorite television program. What better reality show than reality itself. As for keeping a blog of my own - I guess it would be for those exact same reasons.


I started reading blogs for laughs, but started my own to sharpen my writing skills and to make writing a more committed part of my life. I read blogs about parenting, knitting, sustainable living, writing, relationships and others I'm not remembering right now. I moved recently and haven't made any friends yet. My internet connections keep me feeling in touch with people. I think I'd be lost without it. Is that sad? I don't know. I think the world is just changing so fast and this has become a big part of the new way of communicating. I love it.


I read blogs for fun. Most of my bookmarks include humor, parenting, and inspirational blogs. I've had several saved in the past that suddenly became bashing blogs, so they were immediately deleted. I have little time to "play" on here as it is, much less waste my time reading "junk." :) I love reading about other's lives, though. It's fun and interesting. And it gives me great topics to write about as well!!

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