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May 24, 2004



I read and sip hot cocoa.


I must just stay up too late... I never have trouble sleeping, but if I were wanting to stay 'awake' for anything... I would refrain from sex! Better than any drug that stuff ;)


We do the exact same thing. Nothing wrong with being bored to sleep.


Concentrating on a crossword puzzle before turing out the lights seems to make it easier to get myself into sleep mode. Maybe I'm straining my brain and then appreciating the chance to let it rest.


I'm an herbal tea person, myself, though I have to agree with Terry that booze will do the trick. Really, the most sinfully relaxing thing to me is getting into bed all by myself with that mug of tea and a good book.


Booze. ;-)


I haven't been able to stop giggling since I read this!!! I thought we were the only loonies who did this. In my case, my husband ,who has the most soothing voice in the world, reads to me from his I.T. books or magazines. I know nothing about I.T. so it's all jibberish to me, a beautiful white noise, that sends me to sleep within minutes.


Enya or Kenny Loggins. I know it's strange but I love the Return to Pooh Corner CD.


Well, right now it's the medicine I have to take every night, but if you were to ask my husband what makes me fall asleep I believe he would say that it's the thought of having sex! LOL Poor thing, he asked me the other night if it would EVER happen again! loooooooooooool


LOL, resting my head on my pillow. Any pillow will do.


Reading a non-fiction book puts me down pretty quickly...but sounds like I'd put YOU in a deep slumber in an instant!


When I want to nap in the afternoon I ask Lillianna to read to me. Her voice is so sweet and soothing it lulls me to sleep. I usually don't make it past the first page.
When it's bedtime, Rich will rub my head or feet and I fall asleep within minutes. This is helpful when I get home from work at 11pm or 12am and just can't relax enough to fall asleep on my own.


Star Wars and video game topics do it for me ;)


That science one will pretty much get me every time too!

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