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May 30, 2004



Cut grass and Bbq smoke!


Peaches. Gardenias. Coppertone.


My favorite applied scent, Coppertone. The smell of the sun-warmed wood of a dock. Fresh cut grass. Blueberry pie baking. Wet dog.

Lee Ann

We get the best summer thunder storms here. I love the smell in the air as the clouds are gathering right before the downpour. Then comes the thunder-n-lightning, then the clouds blow on their way followed by a rainbow and then the sun coming out again. This all lasts for 10 or 15 minutes and then its over. That initial tingle in the air and indescibable smell say summer to me.


I had to think about this question for a bit because I live in San Francisco, and we generally don't have any real hot summers here. For the most part, the average year-round temperature here is probably around 60 degrees or so.

If I had to come up with an answer though, I'd probably say sunscreen.


Honeysuckle! The whole town smells like it just now. *happy sigh*


Absolutely tanning oil, and around here the smell of wood burning.


I have to agree with the barbecue smell, also the smell of chlorine mixed with coconut suntan lotion. Last mut definitely not least would be the smell of watermelon.


Usually I have to think for a moment before I answer one of your questions, but not this time! I love the way Lillianna smells after she has eaten a peach. I also love Rich after he has grilled anything! Both are yummy and so very much summer smells!

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