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May 25, 2004



I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! Your list is AWESOME! I recently started my own blog :) would love to hear from you sometime - thank you!


I haven't commented here yet, but I am so glad to be in your 'Mom's Who Blog List' and have enjoyed so many of the other blogs that are listed there!
Here are a few of my other reads that are 'Mom's Who Blog' that I didn't notice on your list:
Chookooloonks -
It's A Wlison Thing -


Great list! Thanks for all the links!


I'm sorry, I somehow screwed up the first link. It should be This Mother's Work at http://www.a1brand.com/journal/


What a great list you're building! An excellent index.

About leaving comments on Blogspot blogs, I think you can leave an anonymous comment then just tag on your name or whatever identifying info. onto the mesg itself.

Here are a few more from my daily to-read list:

This Mother's Work at http://www.a1brand.com/journal/

Earthmovers and Sandcastles at http://www.redhairedgirl.com/main.html

DrTiff at http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=DrTiff

Turquoise at http://turquoise.blogspot.com/

A Little Bit of Cyn at http://www.jaycine.com/


Check out:
http://juswritinlife.blogspot.com/ and http://agirlslife.diary-x.com/.


Ohhhhhhhh noew ones to read!! YAY!!


I'll have to check them out.


Are we allowed to recommend our own???



I checked out A Girl and her life and it was so funny. I tried to leave a comment but unless I have a blog of my own it's impossible to sign up to just leave a comment! I have never seen that before. I looks like it has to be a blog on blogspot too. I don't suppose there is any way around this but it's a shame that I won't read it now because of this. Just thought I'd let you know about the restrictions since you are recommending this blog.

no name yet

http://www.inspiredprocrastination.com/blog/ is a regular on my list.

btw, thanks for listing me!

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