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May 27, 2004



I get social hangovers--(headaches after a party or fun event) all the time now. I really need to find a way to prevent them or get rid of them once I get one. It's like a whole-body headache that I geat whenever I am too stimulated by people at a fun party, family gatherings, all kinds of enjoyable things. Why can't I just have fun?


Hi, I'm a newbie to your blog (and new to blogs in general). Your post struck a chord with me because DH and I are exactly like that. We've never actually meant many people that are like us before. :)

Our friends don't even realize to what extent that we are introverts. We often get the impression that they think that we should take the initiative to call them up more often to get together to do something, or that we are being neglectful of them.

If we see a particular friend only once every 3 months, that seems to work fine for us. Some friends seem to enjoy getting together with their friends very frequently - like once, twice, or even several times a week. That is just too much stimulus for us. DH and I are often content just to spend time with just ourselves and our 2 kids.


One day a week I have to have a quiet day by myself (not counting kids) some weeks it is more depending on the stress. It doesn't always work out that way, but that is really what I need!

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