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May 29, 2004



I tip around 20% at restaruants. My hair dresser owns the salon, and I had always been told not to tip the owner, but I always gave the girl who did the washing an extra $5 because she was sooo good. I felt odd not giving the owner a tip, but on the other hand, I'm one of his longest-term customers and I've sent him a lot of business, which, I hope, makes up for it.


on that last comment, i should clarify i was speaking of restaurant tipping - i too have a hard time with the ten dollar haircut tips, especially when you have someone wash, then the stylist, and heaven forbid, a colorist as well...it can be quite costly!


i'm a big overtipper as well, but i think that comes from being a waitress and understanding that is their "living".

it's terrible how many BAD tippers are out there...

Lee Ann

I usually like to tip well at a restaurant because I waitressed for 10 days once and it was hell. As for hair cuts, I go to the same girl all the time (she cuts my kids hair also) and sometimes I tip little and sometimes big. She knows I'm loyal and that sometimes I'm short of cash. Besides, my soon-to-be 4 year old daughter will never let anyone but Tiffany cut her bangs. If you loved the haircut, don't be worried about going back. I doubt he was counting the pennies and hopefully will just be happy to have a loyal customer.


You would think that you shouldn't be expected to tip when they are getting so much for a cut. That is just ridiculous. I would worry about going again as well. LOL! glad you like your cut.


I am a great tipper because I was a waitress in High School, also the baggers at our grocery store work for tips only. It makes it worse for them because all the tips go into a little tin and are split evenly at the end of the day. I always feel bad and leave way more than I should.

Here in England, at a lot of places, people don't leave tips. People look at us strangly when I leave money on the table, but I still always do.


My Papa(Mom's dad) was a fantastic tipper. Our whole family used to go out for dinner every Saturday night when I was a kid. (There were 11 of us) On occasion there would be a waitress that would come back over and kiss Papa on the cheek and thank him again.
My Mom is a terrible tipper.
I am always a generous tipper IF the service is good!
I love my hairdresser! I go every 5 weeks for my color and cut. It's $65. I used to give her $13 for a tip but recently went up to $15.

In a restaurant Rich will tip some psychotic amount even if the service sucks! I rarely let him pay the bill because of this.
If the service is bad I will tip 10%-15%. If it's excellent....anything could happen. I waitressed briefly when I was 23 and HATED it! People are so rude. I appreciate a nice waitstaff!

I wouldn't be embarrased by the $1. If you liked this guy then next time tip him an extra $1. Beauty is expensive!!

I just came in from trying to leave for work and the battery is dead. Waiting for AAA. Rich looked at my hair and smiled and said it looks beautiful!
I am growing it out. Tuesday is MY hair appt. The extra money is worth it if Rich is noticing my hair!!


I'm with you on this! When I get my hair cut, roots touched up (now you know my secret) and highlights, it's $90.00 How am I supposed to tip that?


We totally over-tip, much to my mother's dismay. She hates to eat out because she hates to tip and she especially hates to eat out with us because we tip so much. Here in Vietnam, I'm pretty sure we've been overtipping because a few times when I didn't have enough small bills to give for tip, they didn't act pissed off or anything and one guy even tried to give some of the tip back! I'm going to have to rethink how much extra we give.

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