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May 31, 2004



A fat person hearing thin people complain about thinness is like an infertile person hearing mothers complain about their children. It hurts so, so much.

Valarie Marie

After I had my daughter (she's 11 now) I went to Jenny Craig and lost the baby weight plus some. But I didn't learn how to eat back then. A couple of years later I gained the weight back plus some. When Amanda was 5 years old we went to Disney World and when we got back we got the film developed and I was shocked at how heavy I was. I went on a diet (when back to Jenny Craig but this time learned how to change my diet for keeps) and with exercise lost the weight. I know now that it's a lifetime job, that it will always be a struggle for me to keep the weight off. I'm happy to say that all-in-all I have kept the weight off. And it's been almost six years now.


Heh, I'm not as skinny as I used to be, but still skinny enough that people think I'm on some secret diet. Meanwhile I've absorbed just enough of society's demand for wisp-thin women that having a little padding on my butt makes me fear I'm fat. Body image; it's not for the faint of heart. ;)


This is an interesting perspective given all the media attention to obesity. I'm of about average size in the U.S., but bigger than average in Asia. Weird feeling going between cultures.

My husband is very thin and at a health check-up, the doctor suspected him of being a drug addict even though he exhibited no other sign except for being thin! How insulting. :P


I weigh just as much as you do, Julie, only I'm about five inches taller. So boy, do I catch hell for being thin.

I also tried to gain weight in high school. My doctor told me I burned as many calories sitting on the couch as most people do running a mile. I can't gain weight to save my life.

I didn't wear shorts in high school, because I was embarrassed of my skinny legs. People called me "Ethopian," and didn't get it when I protested my belly wasn't distended. And I still get jokes about my size, now. A coworker constantly comments that if I turn to the side, I won't get rained on. Or that I'll fall between the cracks in the tile. Blah, blah. People ask how much I weigh, if I eat enough, what size I wear. Things I know they wouldn't ask if I were on the other end of the spectrum.

And I get tired of being called lucky. I have my own set of problems, including finding clothes that fit. It ain't as easy as it looks. Or as fun.

For the first time in my life, though, I'm pretty happy with my body. Capris and three-quarter length sleeves, though it took a while for me to find the confidence to wear them, mean it's OK if my clothing doesn't reach my ankles or wrists. And I am happy to not have to think about what I eat or how much (ha!) I work out. This is my body --- chicken legs, bony elbows, teeny boobs and all.


Funny you should bring this up--my husband and I are gearing up to start the South Beach diet tomorrow. My parents always told me I was overweight, and I believed them, although now when I look back at pictures, I really don't know what they were thinking. I started gaining weight in college and I tried not to think about it. A couple of years ago we switched to a whole foods diet and our weight evened out. I'm hoping that this diet will help us loose some pounds and then we can go back to our regular eating patterns.

I used to work retail and one thing I found is that almost everyone has something about their body that they would change, even if it would be invisible to anyone else. You know--small bust, big bust, long arms, wide hips, small butt, big butt, fatty back, lumpy stomach, bony shoulders, etc. In the end, I decided that if you brush your teeth and do your hair and are kind to people, you've done the biggest part of being attractive.

Lee Ann

I hate this subject. I wish I could get over it. I think I am getting close. It has become apparent recently that my perception of my body is just that, a perception. I try to work out 3 times a week and feel great when I do. We try to take family walks whenever we can - I feel great when we do. Feeling healthy has so little to do with being on a diet. I recently did Atkins with my husband and my little girl picked up on how miserable I was. She tried to get me to eat a bagel with her. That was the second I stopped "dieting." I am in a constant state of trying to improve my health. This means - to me - building good habits. I am 50 pounds overweight, but I have lost 20 pounds and a couple of inches over the last year. I am stronger than I was and can weed my garden for 40 minutes at a time rather than 4. These small steps are the things I live for. Merely reducing my portion sizes and drinking more water makes me feel healthier. I wish we didn't stress so much about our weight. My biggest goal right now is raising my kids with healthy food attitudes. Sorry I've rambled on, but I have thought about this subject extensively for the past 33 years or so. I almost wish I hadn't spent so much time on it. Here it is: find what makes you feel healthy and do that.


When I was in High School I was a size 9/10. Very average although there were girls in school who were so much thinner. In an attempt to make sure I didn't get fat, my mom often had me on a diet of some kind. I feel like that ruined my metabolism. After living in Israel for 2 years when I was 22-24 I gained about 25 pounds. When I came home, mom put me on a diet because I was "a mess". I lost the weight. I gained the weight and on and on for years. I did Diet Workshop, Jenny Craig (there I lost 35 pounds and $1,000).I eat to cope. It sucks. I did Atkins a few years ago and lost 35 pounds initially but without all my carbs I was depressed and went off it.
Now I am on a low carb diet again but I do get carbs for one meal a day and it's slow going but so far I have lost 12 pounds and I enjoy it.
My doctor said I have to find a diet for life otherwise I will be on diabetic meds within 3 years!!
I need to lose over 100 pounds to feel comfortable with myself. My sister will probably get married Sept 2005 and we are planning our trip to Disney for Nov 2005 so I want to be pretty darn close to my goal by then.
It's such a struggle. I wish I didn't have to worry about my weight all the time!


I feel the same in many ways. I'm slim and trim after three kids, and I sometimes feel bad, but I just finished a piece about not apologizing for it anymore. But still, I have health issues now that keep me thinner than I would like to be, so sometimes I wish for the trade-off -- I'll take a larger outside for a healthier inside...

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