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June 16, 2004



OMG, I know I'm a bit late commenting on this, but Wacky Packs are something I hadn't thought in what, 25 years?? Thanks for the good memories. I wonder what ever happened to all my stickers? And to think that I can't even share this memory with my hubby, because I'm sure they didn't have Wacky Packs in New Zealand when he was a kid. :)


OMG! What a blast from the past... my brother and I would use our milk money to buy 'em. Explains the capped teeth and bad bones :o)


Just outside my teenager's room is an old wardrobe that still bears the Wacky Pack stickers I stuck to it when I was ten. She'll never believe me when I tell her they're "in" again.


I remember getting scolded for sticking em to my bedroom wall!


Looks like I now have a new hobby :)


I loved those things. They cracked me up. I will have to go and check out that website. I love nostalgia!

Busy Mom

I was obsessed with them! I can remember scanning the drugstore to see if the stock looked "new". I wish I still had those tings!


My school notebooks were covered with those. I thought I was so cool--parents and schools didn't like them, but couldn't really find a reason to ban them, so it was a rebellion my goody-two-shoes self could participate in.


Oh gosh, I totally remember them. I was obsessed with stickers. We had this entire sticker store in the mall. Remember those stickers with the pretty colored gunk inside?


I used to collect those, compulsively! Did you know "Garbage Pail Kids" cards are back, too?

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