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June 26, 2004



My daughter (5) is scared of ants. She got bitten by fire ants one summer and now has a thing about ants. So of course, whenever we pass a construction site and see a big mound of red Carolina dirt I say, "Look Kelly, that's the biggest ant hill I've ever seen! Those ants must be huge." And her eyes get wide and she starts in with "Oh my gosh..." and I keep talking about how the ants must be bigger than she is and what do the people next door do...


I am scared at almost all scary movies, even the spoofs like "Scary Movie" it's the images, I think. i am such a baby. The realistic ones are worse though. The kids are hardly scared at anything, I let Brittany watch "Sixth Sense" and she didn't bat an eye. i guess they have a good sense about what is real and what is not.


Lizzie McGuire!!! If he's a Hilary Duff fan, you must please take him to Cinderella story when it opens next week!My client directed it and we need a very strong opening weekend. Please tell everyone you know!!! GO.GO.GO!


Hmmm the list is endless with 4 kiddos. They are all afraid of different things. Some days certain things scare them and the next day it will be something else.


My son is a lot like yours; he doesn't like any kind of tension in a movie. In the movie Fly Away Home, which is about as scarey as we get around here, he runs every time the naturalist guy shows up. (In case you haven't seen it, that's the "bad guy" of the movie.)

In PBS's Dragon Tales, Tony will run when there is any kind of conflict no matter how mild it is.

As for me, what scares me is severe weather, taxes, strangers around my son, bad drivers, spiders, oh, and did I mention severe weather?


My son is afraid of any flying insect, except perhaps butterflies.

I will second Goldberry on the heights-to-spiders thing. I wrote an entry on my phobias some time ago. They include: tunnels of any kind (driving under tons of concrete and possibly tons of very heavy skyscrapers). Bridges over water: the bridge will break and we will surely drown. Heights: if I have to go out on your 18th floor balcony to smoke, I will hug the wall, because the balcony is going to break, and I will die shrieking as I fall to the ground. (Have you ever been to Ausable Chasm? (sic). That bridge over the rushing waterfalls just about gave me a heart attack.) Office towers under construction: because a few years back we had the "falling crane" epidemic. Six massive cranes fell one summer. Traffic: Montreal drivers are insane.

Well, that was my novella for today.


My list of things that I am afraid of were on your post of things YOU were afraid of!
Lillianna is intrigued by and afraid of CHARMED. I grew up watching DARK SHADOWS with the same interest and fear. It scared me daily but I watched it anyway!
She also hates the dark and anyone yelling for any reason.


Oddly, my daughter is afraid of her Grammy with wet hair. And she is also afraid of her nightmares :o(

I am pretty much afraid of everything from heights to spiders. I lead a sad life.


For some reason my daughter is afraid of flies. I have absolutely no idea where that fear came from, but she freaks out whenever she sees one. But she's not even a little afraid of things like bees and spiders...

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