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July 15, 2004



That's a tough one! I never really thought of myself as a plant either and I don't really know too much about plants as I am not a gardner. Is there a plant that blooms at night, cause that is when I have the most energy!


Hmmm, I've never thought of myself as a plant before. I guess I would have to be like the ones I have that almost die from lack of care, but are rescued just in time; like my 7 year-old peace lily or my 1-year old geranium.


Hmmmmmmmmm, I have no clue. Maybe an ivy creeping along and exploring the world with it's vines.


My favorite is our rose bush. It was at the house when we moved in last year. I don't know a lot about gardening so I left it be, most people have told me that I should trim it down and put rose food on it, etc. I was having a bad day one day and when I went home, much to my surprise it was in full bloom and it is beautiful. It has bloomed now 3 times this season. I now dead-head it and have taken to a few different plants we are adding to our landscaping. I think I would most likely be a morning glory. I love to be awake early in the am to see the sunrise and enjoy the day while it is still quiet.

Robin P

It is known in my family that I once accidentally killed a fake plant! Don't ask!
I shy away from cactus since I was once poisoned by one. I was watering it in the baby house in Israel while the kids were napping and it tipped so I caught it. A short time later I noticed a blue line going from my finger all the way up my arm.My finger swelled and I couldn't pull my ring off. I was immediately put on antibiotics.
I once kept a pink spotted plant alive for a year. That is my record. I enjoy plants but I don't want to own them or be responsible for them.


I have an african violet that a friend gave me on my daughter's first birthday ("Congratulations!" read the card. "You've kept a human alive for an entire year! You're ready for a plant!") In the five years I've had it, it has quintupled in size. But it hasn't flowered in a loooong time, and periodically I forget to water it and then realize with horror one day that it is nearly dead... and then I water it and--incredibly--it comes back to life. Still no flowers, though. Hmmmm. (Methinks I'd best not ponder this similarity for too long... at least I didn't quintuple in size!!)

Rachel Ann

I've always said plants take one look at me and commit suicide; its quicker and less painless than what I put them through.

I don't even have a cactus to my credit!

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