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July 23, 2004



My biggest problem is with Tony right now. Like all children, as soon as the phone rings, a bell goes off in his head, and he just remembers he has to tell me something that very instant.

As far as genetic interrupters, no, I don't think Angelo and I are, though there is some nterrupting that goes on some time.


The problem is that my family interrupts with complete non sequiturs, as in:
Me: So, I told the teacher that—
Dad: Did I tell you we saw "Fahrenheit 911"?
I was brought up to "converse" this way and learned to stop doing it only after getting married and having it pointed out to me. Now it drives my bonkers when my parents do it.


The Hunter and I constantly interrupt each other. It saves time. Either we already know what the other is saying, and we save the time that way, or we don't and find out faster. The urchins interrupt on another level entirely. They never interrupt boring stuff. They have a well-honed internal device which detects interesting gossip, comments about other family members, plans for family trips, etc. at a range of two miles and this device leads them to immediately interrupt any such conversation. It also filters out boring conversations about chores, yard work, and home improvement plans.


I was brought up the same way. My best friends complete my sentences and we go from one thing to another, give and take, back and forth.

Hope Wilbanks


Pre-kids I was always interrupted.
Post-kids I interrupt. Not intentionally. I think it happens because I don't have a lot of adult interaction. When I finally do, I am so excited to have someone to talk with that I don't realize I'm interrupting.

Robin P

If someone is talking and it reminds me of something that I want to say when they are finished, I either say,"Excuse me but that reminds me of something. If I tell you now before I forget will you remember what you were saying?" OR I will just try to remember it without interrupting.
With Rich it's funny because he will ask, "Do you know what I was just thinking about?" and many times I can say "Yes" and when I tell him, I am right! That's just from being married for 10 years. Then he calls me creepy because I can read his mind.
I hate when people interrupt me constantly. Either shut up and listen politely or tell me you are not interested in the subject and I won't waste my breath!


I think we were seperated at birth. I was raised in the same type of household. And you are right, well, I was going to say what you are right about, but you are right about everything. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut a little more like you have. I'm getting better (I think) except when I get real excited about a subject. Glad to know I'm not the only one with this 'problem'.


Wow, thanks for the lesson! I always find your posting interesting and educational. As far as interrupting, don't let me! Once I butt in, I usually have the loudest voice and that causes people to also lose their train of thought. My hubby and I take full advantage sleeping children to hold conversations that are usually complete by the time we are done and the kids wake up. We once had a problem communicating and screamed at eachother but the kids have taught us how to talk again. We haven't screamed for years now and I like that part.

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