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July 27, 2004



Definitely. Just this past weekend I had to go to Oklahoma to pick up my kids (they were there for 3 weeks). I couldn't wait to get home -- even though I was visiting my home town. My son wasn't ready to leave but when we arrived home he said he was glad to be home. My daughter was ready to come after after one week.


I'm a huge homebody, which is what always makes working outside the home much worse for me. In fact, I'd dare say it is THE reason I hate it.


As I kid I loved summer camp, and cried at the end of the week. I went to boarding school for my grades 9-12 and could hardly wait for the month homeleaves to end so I could get back to school. College was a delight. Please understand I didn't have a bad life, no abuse or divorce here, it was just that I was an independant thing. Still am hard headed. But today, since I own my home and the tings in it, I'm a little more cautious about leaving. "What if, what if," stays in my thoughts while I'm out.

As far as socializing, Angelo and I aren't huge hosts, and we aren't often invited over to other people's houses. Sometimes it bothers me, but I live with it.


I'm not but my 8yo dd sure is. She gets homesick every time we visit her grandmother. Last night, the girls who love three houses away on our block (so VERY close) invited her to a sleepover in their clubhouse. She made it until 11pm, then arrived back on our doorstep in tears. This is not the first this has happened at a sleepover, either.

This morning she said to me, in that "making the best of it" tone, "Well, I made it a bit longer this time!"

I seriously think that child might be 16 before she successfully stays the night at a friend's house, lol! She loves her home. She cries at the thought of moving anywhere, and she's not even sure if she's entirely in favor of the home renovations we've been planning. Funny kid... ;-)


I say I'm somewhere in between. I like to do things with the home people though!


I am a woman on the go. I love to be out with the kids: at the beach, on Main Street, at the park, on Ocean Front walk. But to me because of the way we inhabit these familiar places they are just an extention of home.

That said, I have a three year old car with only 15,000 miles on it because aside from all the places I mentioned, I never leave home. I would much rather host dinner at my house than go to someone else's home. I hate going to the store or shopping of any sort. I love the internet for saving me those trips. I love love love being on my home turf.


We are the total opposite. I HAVE to be on the go. It's just not very often we spend a day just hanging out at the house. We either visit friends and family, head to the park or water park or something. Both my husband and I HATE to be doing nothing. And I would guess I am passing that on to my kiddo, he starts to get cabin fever if we don't do something!


I'm definitely a homebody. I ran into one of my childhood friends a few years back and she said, "I remember you always wanted to go home when you were playing at my house." So this is not something that developed recently.

My husband, though, likes to be out and about. On the weekends, he will often take one or more of the kids to a museum or park while I stay at home and veg. Lately, I'm trying to go with them more often. I find it's easier to stomach if I take my camera along so I can have a little project to work on.


I love being at home. I find it very comforting. But I love going out for breathers without the kids. If I was given a choice for a night out on the town or quiet dinner at home. I would definitely pick the dinner at home without the kids, though. :)


Being that I don't like people, I am a homebody and probably the worst one that you'll ever need. If I never had to leave my house or yard, I wouldn't. I so hate to interact with superficial people that I arrange everything to happen on one day. This way, everything gets done and all of the stress is taken care of and over in one day. That day for me is Friday. I do take the boys to the park everyday and once they are older, I'll take them other places that all kids should get to go to.

Hope Wilbanks

Amen sister! I'm a homebody. When I was younger I liked "running the roads" but now there's no place I'd rather be than right here at home.

Robin P

I guess we are homebodies but I wish we weren't. I would love to go out for dinner or to a movie with friends every week but we can't afford it and I work all weekend. I would love to go on a vacation every year and do fun things. Maybe someday.


I'm trying to figure that out myself. I think I'm a homebody who likes to be social, if that makes sense. I need lots of downtime, but I go stircrazy if I don't get out once a day.


We go back and forth between being homebodies and being super busy. Right now we are dying for some interaction with others and of course everyone is busy. ACK


You know, I never used to be a homebody. I loved going everywhere, staying in hotels, going to summer camp. As I am getting older, I love my home and my bed. The kids sleep better when we are home, as do I.


I'm very much a homebody, but the interesting thing is that I don't know if that's my true inherent nature or not, or whether that was just how I was conditioned to be.

My parents were homebodies. They grew up in a communist country, and it caused them to greatly fear people. They never wanted to have people enter our home if at all possible, and never enjoyed socializing with people outside the home. These were fears that they passed on to many of their children, and something that we are now trying to overcome as adults.

We never realized how extensive their problems were until after we had moved out of the home to go to college, etc.

Valarie Marie

Funny, I was thinking the very same thing this morning. During the past few years I have turned into a real homebody. I love where I live. My daugther and I live in a three bedroom ranch style duplex. We have a lovely backyard with a nice deck. A great place to sit and read while my daughter is playing with the neighborhood kids.


I am right the opposite.I love to be on the go.But sometimes,I just have to be at home.

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