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July 14, 2004



When Rich does that to me I yell, "HELLO!" and usually he says, "I still hear you."
If it's a friend I just ask if I am supposed to follow them. I haven't had it happen with a co-worker though. I don't know what the heck to suggest to you. That is weird. You know some very rude people. I would NEVER walk away from someone. If I have a friend visiting and I have to do chores I just get up and say, "Walk with me. Talk with me." and they do.


Oh, I hate that! And I am so sensitive I always take it personally, thinking I must not be important enough to have someone's full attention. I am not sure what to do but I try to end my conversation quickly so I can get out of the awkward moment.
If it's someone I know and they are familiar with (someone who knows my insecure quirks), I always ask them if they are listening!


I am convinced the Hunter has undiagnosed ADD. He frequently leaves in the middle of conversations, and doesn't even realize he's done so. He honestly has no clue I was talking to him. And he wonders why I don't tell him anything. Oops, this wasn't really on topic--hit a sore point here this morning.


My husband does this to me all the time. With him, I ususally say, "Hey! I was talking to you!" He comes right back and tells me, "I'm not going anywhere."

When it's other people, and I see they are working around the house, I interrupt myself to ask if they need help. If they reply that they don't, then perhaps it's time I excuse myself and leave. If they do appreciate the help, I generally help in silence unless they initiate or restart the conversation.


Oh I hate this.I feel like a stalker if I follow.lol.I usually stay put,but that causes anxiety as well.It's really a no win situation,I think.

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