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August 07, 2004



I grew up on a street named for the first family to live in the neighborhood. The lady of the family (a grandma by the time I was of the age to remember) was a wonderful dear pearson, and a great friend of the family. I regarded her with a bit of awe when I was a child, because our street was named after her and her husband.


I wouldn't want you to miss out on comments by friends named Robin so let me add this. I think that in an R.E.M. song, Stipe croons, "My kingdom for a voice." I've always like that variation.


I would have to say it wasn't important to me since we've never managed to live on a street with a really neat name. (Though that would have been a nice thing.)

Good luck on the house, by the way. I know how traumatic that search can be. Fingers crossed for you.


It is very important, we live in Greenwich Park - but our dream is to live in Bradford Street in the same neighborhood we are in.
This is a very little street in the South End – unlike the rest of the area; most of the brownstones in that street are in fact single homes.
Imagine living in the city on your own single family home, but to achieve this on Bradford Street will be even better – you know this is my husband’s dream – I have to give a little fact – his last name is Bradford – so if we could get a house there - we will be the Bradfords on Bradford street.
But unless we win the lottery – it will continue to be a dream since the houses on Bradford Street (3 bedroom old houses) start on the one million dollars price.
I hope you can get the house! Best of luck!


Millie Garfield


I live on Paradise Road and as soon as I moved in I know it was going to be paradise.
I have a center piece on my dining room table that is :The Bird of Paradise"

Hope you get the house.



I love that name. Suwanee is a name to sing if every I heard one.

I live on Sunset Ave and boy do we have some terrific sunsets into the sea. I will miss it when we are finally forced to move.


I've never really thought about the name of the streets. Now that you've brought this up, I would have to say that I don't mind the name of streets and it is obvious because we live on "Prison Camp Road".




In the X-Men comics, Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (read: mutant superheroes) was on Graymalkin Lane, and I always thought that was the best street name I'd ever heard.



I just love the questions that you ask! Oftentimes, they are the same type of thoughts that I have. :) To me, a street name is important. I love names that have a lot of character...that are unique. I've never liked street names that are based on numbering schemes...like N.W. 10th Street, or something like that. That is soooo boring, unoriginal, and impersonal sounding.

Hope you get the house!

Robin P

It's important that the street name be simple and not something I have to constantly spell!
We lived in an apt on School St in one town for 2 1/2 years and then we moved to the very next town and bought a house on School St. Whenever we had to verify our address people got so confused, "Did you move down the street from where you were?" Who cares?? But it caused so much confusion.
Congratulations on finding your dream house!!

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