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August 15, 2004



I agree, perhaps we can start up this frustration insurance together and provide mothers everywhere something for their time and effort! Since you are unable to see the bright side of things at the moment, I will give you my opinion of what your bright side is:

It took a hurricane for you to get stressed out and post about your frustration. In all other posts, you make every situation into a funny one and this is a change for your devoted bloggers. I'd say that the bright side of this is that it takes nothing less than Mother Nature to rain on your sunny disposition.


I'm sorry girl! I hope things calm down and go smoothly very soon. :( Glad y'all are safe.

Robin P

I never question why plans fall through anymore because the universe has a way of providing for us. You haven't found your real dream house yet but by having this deal fall through, it opens the door to have you find the real one very soon. You'll see......I won't wish you luck because you don't need it. An opportunity will come up and then you will just know it's the right house for you. Glad you are safe from Charley!


Glad to hear you are safe from the storm. Sorry to hear about the house, I know you were so excited about it. Hope you have a better week.


Wow. That does sound like a frustrating (and scary, too) week. I'm glad you all are safe. Perhaps you'll find an even more perfect house than the one you didn't get. Aggravating though. Good luck!


I'm sorry about the house Julie.I hope you find your perfect home soon.

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