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August 19, 2004


Rachel Ann

When it comes to a house don't settle. This is a place you will live in for years most likely, and you want it to be a good fit. I don't think 3 times is absurd.

As far as superstitions go; the only one has to do with babies; I don't call them their name until they are formally named either in Shul for a girl, or at the Bris for a boy.


Walk away and don't call the buyer again. Three offers? Pretend it's Colter, and act accordingly. If they're not responding favorably, I'd say there's more than one party submitting offers and they're playing you against one another.

If they become interested, fine; let them call you.


I believe that everything happens for a reason. Please visit my blog and read the "Thursday, July 01, 2004" first and then the "Tuesday, July 06, 2004" post in the archives. We too looked for houses, through agents, with no luck. Then we dropped the agents and bought straight from an owner. Perhaps you can do the same.

Just a suggestion.


I'm not superstitiious or very lucky, but a firm believer in 'what's for ya'll no go by ya!' Hang in there! Your house is waiting for you!


I'm sorry this has been such an ordeal for ya'll.But...I do believe when you finally get YOUR house..you will know then that the others just weren't right.


Don't fret. Maybe, you have yet to see "THE" house. Soon enough, you will find one and get/win the bid.


I missed a word. It should have read, "Nope, never really been superstitious, UNLESS thinking that eating a cranberry and spinich salad will help me loose weight.


Nope, never really been superstitious, thinking that eating a cranberry and spinich salad will help me loose weight. (The last three times I've eaten such a salad, the scale was very good to me the next day.)

I hope you find YOUR house soon.

Robin P

I will repeat what I said the last time. I truly believe that when YOUR house is available to be purchased you will know about it and it will be so easy for you.

As for something lucky? Nope.....I just hope for the best.


I‘m sorry to hear that the house hunting process has been so frustrating!
I am sure you will find the right house for you and your family!
Good luck,



I really hope your house hunting works out... I know it's been a difficult process for you!


Funny question, I sat there thinking about it for a bit then I remembered something from my childhood. Someone told me that when you drive or walk past a graveyard, you have to hold your breath.

For many years I did just that. Not sure if I still do it instinctively without noticing. It has been awhile since I went past a graveyard!

I don't have a thing about walking under ladders unless some guy drops a bucket on my head. And I think black cats bring good luck! :-)

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