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August 10, 2004


Elnora Turmelle

How's everything going? Hmm... Some of the comments here say something about Victorian homes. Well, that kind of house really is great because of the vintage feel. There are people who appreciate the vintage style more than the modern designs, and there are some who would mix a Victorian exterior and a modern interior.


Too funny, as we are potentially going to write an offer on a home ourselves; we've been in our current, 1st home for three wonderful years, but with us both working from home P/T, plus Liam, it's getting crowded. We've been checking out homes in our price range for a year; none have fit our bill. We saw one today that does, in a way we hadn't originally expected. It has lots and lots of gorgeous wood trim, beautiful windows, a spectacular view from the master bedroom, and the exterior appears a rustic, Frank Lloyd Wright. The yard is awesome, fenced in, a sweet brick patio, and there's privacy - ah privacy! (We live on a lovely but not at all private block right now). In a few words, this could be it for us - at least for who we are and what we need now.


Best wishes. Hope things go well for the family and the new house.


I'm an old house with loads of history and porches. :) I hope the house comes through. :)


What an interesting question--one that my husband and I have been debating for some time now.

We currently live in an older part of an unprestigous suburb, but we talk both of buying an old, but very well-maintained home in the city and buying a house with a lot of land way out in the country. We like our space and freedom, but we also like being close to the action in the city.

Something I realized, though, is that living in the city would be no fun without some money to enjoy it's treasures. What's the point of living within walking distance to The Breadsmith or Coffee News Cafe when you're too broke for bread and coffee?

And with our son, I would like him to grow up free to run and to explore the natural world around him. I grew up on a hobby farm and I learned about so many things working in our acre garden and canning vegetables and raising and butchering our own chickens. I spent so much time hiking out into the fields and helping with the cows and other animals.

Who knows what we'll do! So many choices to make. Only one life to live!


Oh boy, what a question to ask just after I finished watching a rerun of Extreme Makeover/Home Edition. I am certainly NOT a city/urbanite type house. I need my space. Country would certainly be nice, or at least enough space for a riding lawn mower.

Dormer windows, I would love to have widows that have places you can sit in, like a bay window. I don't have that. I guess this reflects my inner thoughts looking out at the world.

I wish I had a fireplace. The snap, crackle of a fire does much to warm ones soul. Is that what I do?

I do have my maple trees that give the sap to make the most wonderful maple syrup. These are big old trees that have graced this lot for 50-60 years. I need something majestic to look up to and to give sweet nector to keep life going. I make the syrup, keep just enough for the family and look for ways to give the rest away.

Heidi Moos

First, big hug and hi from all of our family to yours, Julie. Good luck with the house.

I don't quite fit the suburban lifestyle or the urban and I'm not fit to tend to land in the country. We bought a craftsman house a few years back. The house is nestled on an acre of land yards away from a magnificent cliff. It's very much styled after Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie style. Big open rooms. Lots of windows.

The house needs more renovating and love, but we are doing a good job of keeping with the style and lifestyle of the Arts and Crafts movement. Form and function merge.

We don’t have a lot of things cluttering up the space. In fact, I just made the children purge their rooms of excess toys and clothes. They aren’t using them so we’ll give them to someone who can. The open space is wonderful for their growing minds. They have room to build and create. The bedrooms are at the far ends of the L-shaped house. The center is fairly open. French doors and pocket doors allow us to make more rooms if we want.

This is the right space for us. We live in the heart of an older suburb. We’re convenient to amenities and school. Our lot is four times larger than houses of the same square footage in newer neighborhoods. We are not bound by neighborhood bylaws and our house is unique. I love visiting my friends’ newer houses with closets bigger than my kitchen (and my kitchen is a nice size), but I wouldn’t give up my old trees for anything.

Valarie Marie

I've always dreamed of someday owning a large Victorian home complete with a turret (where my study would go), bay windows with window seats, a fireplace not only in the family room but in the master bedroom, original woodwork throughout and a big wrap around veranda. Yes, that's my dream house.


Ohh...Good luck on the house.Hope you get an answer soon.


A large Victorian house with dormer windows and a big wraparound porch. And a fireplace in the kitchen!

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