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September 13, 2004


Robin P

This is tough because a couple of years ago we started this with Lillianna. If she cleaned her room, brushed her teeth without complaint,put her dishes in the sink and put her clothes in the hamper we gave her $5 per week. Ya, ya, NOW I know that was way too much for a then 5 year old but the problem is my step-father. He hands Lillianna $2 every time he sees her which can be 2-3 times per week. He pays her if she eats her dinner. (I have argued this point with him and my mom but since I am at work during that time I can't seem to put a stop to it and then they yell at me that it's his pleasure to do it. I don't want my daughter eating for cash. It's so wrong!!!!)
We stopped the allowance a while back because I can't afford to pay her that much per week and she should be doing the above mentioned things just because she is a member of our family. She asks about her allowance every now and then and I tell her we will start it up again when she is older.


When we were kids we all got a smallish allowance. But I had a grueling bicycle paper route at age 8, so I was pretty self-sufficient. I honestly don't remember if my mom gave me any weekly money when I was in my teens, but again, I always had a paper route of some sort and as of 16, various summer or part-time jobs. My son gets money on an as-needs basis but he is expected to keep his room clean (he doesn't) and take out the garbage/recycling (not always) and do dishes (when the urge strikes him, it seems). Usually, if I simply ask him to do something, he will do it without complaint.

Valarie Marie

When I was growing up I didn't get an allowance. My mother was a single parent trying to raise three kids on a small income, with no help from our father. I didn't start earning money until I started babysitting at 13. When I turned 16 I started to work at McDonalds.

Amanda really doesn't get an allowance, it's a little hard to decide between two households. I have been leaning more towards giving her an allowance but there will be chores attached. We have started negotiations.


We gave our ten year old 2 dollars a week until she was about 14. Then we upped it to four. It was never contingent on how many or how little chores she did. Chores were done because she belonged to a family community and like any other community you need to volunter to keep things running smoothly.


In our family, we've decided upon the age=moola amount. For this the children have to do certain age-related chores. My eight-year old has to clean two hamster cages, tidy his bed and brush his teeth. My newly 6-year-old has to clear the table and pick up her Ello(tm) She brushes her teeth without nagging. The 15-year-old has to occasionally watch his siblings, tidy up his (yeeew!) room, bring out the garbage, and feed/water the bird. He also gets $20 a week because he's in high school and needs the extra money for movies/pop/godknowswhat. I've found my younger two are extremely thrifty, while the eldest spends money like D. Trump's son. Baaaah!
I have no idea if this is the most efficient/proper way to do things, we just wing it.
Whatever works...


oh my Maude, the allowance! We've gone through too many policies to count. First we just gave him the $1, no expectations...then it was raised when he got older, but his attitude towards work just became increasingly negtive. Now we're working on a chore list, but from the angle that we're a family and I can't do it all alone, so I need him to help with some things and he can pick what he's willing to do each week. We just started this program, and next week I'll be adding $ back into the mix. He's also able to earn extra money by doing extra big jobs and babysitting his little sister. But wow. I feel like we got so off course with this whole democratic family stuff. I'm sure it was because I was doing it all wrong. Something's shifted because the last few times he had friends over, he asked them to help clean up his room before they went home. That's never happened before.


When I was growing up I didn't get an allowance. I eventually earned my own money when I was old enough to babysit. My son is still a baby so he doesn't get an allowence yet, obviously, but so far my plan is to give an allowence that is not contingent upon chores. My philosophy is that you recieve a portion of our spending money because you are a part of our family. Also, you work and do chores because you are a part of our family and as a part of our family you need to contribute with your efforts.

Growing up on a hobby farm, my brother and I worked very hard helping out with all sorts of household and farm chores. We spend long hours in the garden and with the animals helping our parents raise the food that we would one day eat. We helped maintain the land, buildings and tools. The important thing we learned from this is that our work was important and that we were valuable, contributing members of our family. If we needed something, our mom would just buy it for us. I think we felt good, when we weren't whining and complaining, about what we could do.

My husband disagrees and feels that it doesn't work that way in the world and that when you're raising kids you're training them to live and work in the world, so who knows what we will end up doing?

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