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September 06, 2004



My husband is tracking Ivan on the Internet right now. His mom lives in Tampa.

(with a bit of humor) Don't forget to bring your family along.

Seriously - bottles of water, so that you don't have to wait for relief services to kick in. Maybe some quick engery food (trail mix, chex mix, meals ready to eat type food) Tool box for a vehicle - flares for visablity for the vehicle. (this is from Angelo.


From my work translating years worth of automotive crap, I retained a few things they recommend keeping in the trunk of the car: flares, a couple of blankets, a first-aid kit. With everything you've already got and the suggestions from other commentors, you'll be ready to ride out Armegeddon!!!


Hope you're all okay. How about $50 in loose dollar bills. You might not be able to get money from ATMS or use credit cards to buy things if the lines are down. How about some light medical supplies, like bandaids, tylenol, etc. Also, how about a crank radio so you can get updates on news in your area? We've had some disaster training at work (to prepare us for a potential large earthquake), but sadly I don't remember what else they said that we should be stocking in an emergency kit.


Hope you're okay. How about - immunization records for Colter, can opener, bottle opener, plastic flatware and paper plates, paper towels, napkins. Personal items for you.


For the paperwork & albums, you might put it all in one of those waterproof (i.e. Space Bags) bags so they're totally protected and together. Be sure to have some candles & matches with you so you don't have to rundown the batteries. Also, do you have a couple plastic containers to throw this stuff into? You might just put some of the stuff you don't use daily (extra food, water, etc) into some containers & put them in the garage so it's ready to go (less to carry around if you have to leave). Sounds like you've got everything though!

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