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September 26, 2004



same as yours!
I hope Jeanne did not hit you too hard!


I hope you and your family stay safe during the latest hurricane!


I admire the strength of your family as it endures Mother Nature. Your constants are similar to mine with a few additions.

  • breastfeeding breaks. I am guarenteed 45 minutes every 3 hours of sitting down. Sometimes this is a good thing and others I really need to be doing something else.
  • Waking up at 5:30am. I'm not sure who set my internal clock, why they chose 5:30am or how to reset it myself but I can't seem to sleep past it, reguardless of the time I went to bed.
  • doing things the hard way. For some mysterious reason, I, or my family, can not do anything the easy way. It is always the hardest way but everything still manages to get done on time and near to perfect as humanly possible.

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