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September 02, 2004



Keep going! You'll come out on the other side in no time.

Good luck with the house.

And I hope the weather is good to you all. I have friends and family all over Florida so I've been watching with concern.

Let us know how it all goes. We're pulling for all the craziness to be a distant memory.


Oh no! Hives? Having someone say "relax" will probably make it worse.
My cousin lives in Davies,Fl and she called my mom to tell her it was hitting their area. Mom is worried about everyone.

Bummer about the house inspection. Now what do you do?

I am always blogging in my head. Sometimes when something happens Rich and Lillianna ask,"Will this be on your blog?" Ya well it usually is.

Stay safe. I hope the hurricane misses you.


Oh gosh girl, many thoughts and prayers for you guys.


Be careful, I broke out in hives earlier this year because of stress, and all my dermatologist kept telling me was to calm down and they would go away...yes, because it's soooo easy to just realx. Pfft.

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