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September 24, 2004



Congratulations on your new home!


Congratulations on the new house. Best of luck to you in this terrible hurricane season, and THANK YOU for your wonderull columns. I look forward to reading them...especially when I am having a rough day. I can always find somehting to cheer me up. Thanks again!!!


That is awesome - congratulations. Try not to feel bad about not feeling fantastic today. Closing on a house IS stressful, as you said in your post, and it's tough to make it a fun experience. What will be fun is after you've gotten most of your essentials unpacked and you start to make it your own home. It will feel so awesome. And when you take long car trips, once you get to know the route home really well, there will be that one spot along the route where you all get happy when you see it because you'll know once you reach that spot, that you're really almost home. That's my favorite part about feeling at home somewhere. Good luck with the new house and don't feel bad about being human!


You know, recognizing the stress is the first step to overcoming it. The second step, as you already know,is cheesecake.

Soon you will be toasting your first night in your new home, and every bit of the stress will be worth it (plus no more house hunting or dealing with banks -- woo hoo!).



The stress will wear off...



Buying a house is stressful....I definitely would go for that cheesecake!


You know, I'm going to try that cheesecake remedy.

Once the dust settles, this is going to be a wonderful thing!


Congratulations on the house!

That cheesecake sounds very good!! =)


Congratulations!! That's great!

On the day Husband and I sold our first house at an embarassing profit, we took the baby out for celebratory sushi and got food poisoning!

It will be great.

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