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September 21, 2004



HilARious. What a great post.


How funny! My kids (7 & 9) want an extra hug -- although I gave them one about 3 minutes before I told them to go bed. They may remember something they 'needed' to tell me after they made it to their rooms, which means that they would have to come find me to tell me this important information. It could take at least 15 to 20 minutes to get them settled (from the point when I tell them it's time to go to bed). Kids -- don't you just luv 'em!


Praise be- we have both boys in bed and alseep by 8pm. Leaving plenty of mommy and daddy time. Jonas goes to sleep at 7ish and wakes at 7ish. Gabo is kicking my ass, going to be around 6:30 and waking at six- but then he's 10 months old and I am hoping he outgrows it quickly.

My boys take after me, they need their sleep in the day and in the night. In this family, sleep begets sleep. And for that I say HALLALUJAH!!! I don't know what I am going to do when Jonas's two hour afternoon nap goes bye.

To me, sleep is as important, if not more, as food. Therefore I am the enforcer- and for us, it works.


Oh, I hear you about taking forever to get to sleep. My husband bathes the kids and tries to get them down while I clean up the kitchen. But my son, age three, can talk from 8:45 to 11:30. And we don't give him more water or let him get out of bed. His pediatrician says that maybe he just needs less sleep than we think he needs. But getting him up in the morning for preschool is horrendous. Left to his own devices, he'll sleep until 10.

Basically, we just accept that he needs to chatter for ninety minutes.

PS Love your blog. Happy New Year and Easy Fast.


We start at about 7:45pm. DH gets their jammies & bath ready while I get them to put their toys into their toybox. We brush their teeth. We throw DS in first while my DD uses the toilet one last time. Then DH gets my DS into his jammies while I wash my DD. I get my DD into her jammies while DH gets my DS in his crib. I read my DD a book & then she's in bed. Takes about 15 minutes!

Lynn Shaw

We start our bed time routine at 8 on the weekdays and sometimes the same, sometimes later depending on what's going on on the weekends.

He gets in the bath for about 20 minutes. Brushes teeth. Gets on PJs and goes and gives Dad a good night kiss and hug. Then in bed, and we read ONE story. Says prayers and cover him up and I am out of the room. He is usually asleep with in 15/20 minutes (so by 9) but sometimes he will stay awake in there talking or singing to himself for longer.


Our bedtime routine usually starts after dinner, around 6:30-7. Bathtime, Pj's, family prayer, individual prayers, drinks of water, story, hooking up Sean to his feeding pump and then around 7:30-8 everyone is asleep.

Since Sean needs to be on the pump at least 12hrs at night, he needs to be in bed early. The stuff is too much to haul everywhere. if his brothers are not in bed, he gives us a hard time about being on the pump and not where everyone is. So everyone goes to bed early. Besides, after MY long and noisy day, I need a good break, so it is early to bed for them. THey are usually up by 5:30-7, so they need their sleep.


We usaully start bed time routine around 8, unless there is a special show on that Kayla wants to watch. She takes her medicine and gets one last drink. She gets a bath, brushes her teeth, dries her hair and gets dressed in pj's. We have found that a warm bath really calms her down and as long as there is no play time, just wash and get out, she calms down. Then we read a story or two and lights out. Normally Kayla will not actually fall asleep until 10ish, but we aim to be done our routine at 9. It amazes me how much energy she has with so little sleep. I think sleep is the one thing that we cannot control with her or force her to do, so as long as she's tucked into bed, laying down and quiet, that's a step in the right direction.

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