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September 22, 2004



My DD is ultra competitive! I think that it's a good thing, but at the same time, it can be a bad thing that needs to be watched.

She's on a soccer team, and I've noticed that she gets very upset at these kids on her team when she sees them not playing strategically correctly or not following the coach's instructions, thus causing their team to "lose", even though they don't even keep score.

At one game, one of the boys had a hard time figuring out where he was supposed to be kicking the ball. He kept kicking the ball towards our goal, instead of the opposing team's goal. Boy, that infuriated my DD! She kept shouting at him that he was kicking the ball in the WRONG direction, and that he was supposed to be kicking the ball to the OTHER side! I had to have a little talk with her afterwards about trying to be more patient and compassionate towards her team members because they were trying as best as they could.


Tony is just getting into the "I win" stage. Many duel events are a race to him, much to my chagrin when it comes to coloring. We are not into team sports, and Tony will probably not know what is it like to be into team sports. It's really a non-issue in our house.


How impressive. Great job Colter!! Kayla is into swimming and gym class. Both places focus on team effort and team achievements, so that helps us a little. Sometimes Kayla will be more competitive than others. It funny, she likes to hang out with kids either younger or older than her, so there is a lot of competition there. Other times they will try to out do themselves and see what they can acomplish.

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