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September 11, 2004


Tammy and the Rats

First thing to get would be my beloved rats and their food. Second would be my picture collages that are from my parent's childhoods all the way through my adult life. If there was time, my jewelry. Other than that...forgetaboutit! I have insurance and all four of my furry faced boys to keep me sane and happy.
< :3 )~~~


I would have to agree with photos and mementos of relatives ~ things passed down that I could not replace. I have a few special jewelry items that I hope to pass on to my daughter some day ~ would hate to loose those.


We are in florida(jax to be exact) too, bracing for the huricane, yet again.

I really enjoyed reading your blog :)

Stay Safe


Here in tornado country I've done my share of moving the "absolute must haves" up and down the stairs. My journals are usually the first thing to go (they are a load in themselves). Our Bibles, the wedding album, my flute, Tony's pictures, they are usually in the next armload, for they all are replaceable. The dog and birds are at the ready to be taken down if the sirens go off; Tony usually sent down just prior, especially if I see rotation in the clouds.

If you don't mind me stealing your idea, I thought of something that happened to me just a few weeks after I moved to this part of the country. That I want to post about on my blog.

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